Jan/Feb 2017 Way Magazine


We will overcome the obstacles we face in this world when we believe and take action on the Word of God. In this issue, we’ll find solid Biblical promises and principles to strengthen our victorious mind-set.

Rev. Lyndon Sumlin boldly declares, “We Are Ambassadors for Christ NOW.” Right now we have this God-given designation, along with a message of deliverance and the authority to speak it. Rev. Bill Berryhill assures us that we can be confident and trust God when “Making a Commitment” according to His Word, even without knowing all the details. Why? Because as we do our part, God will do His part. He is faithful to His Word!

I Corinthians 13: The Love of God defines and demonstrates what it means to not be provoked. We see this quality in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we are encouraged to choose the most effective and enduring course of action—to always love with God’s love. Enjoy the benefits of the 2016 Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index in your study time. This handy index lists all the authors, articles, and scriptures published in The Way Magazine over the past calendar year. Detach and store it in a binder or folder for quick and easy reference!

What Does the Word Say? shows that “Sobriety and the Misuse of Drugs and Alcohol” stand in clear opposition to each other. We can avoid being taken advantage of by the adversary when we understand and heed God’s point of view on this topic. In Titles of God in the Bible, Melissa George enlarges our understanding of God as “The God of All Grace” (I Peter 5:10).

Don’t miss the up-to-date info in The Prevailing Word Report to help you prepare for the exciting Advanced Class Special 2017 coming in April at The Way International Headquarters. Also highlighted in our report is the Advanced Class for graduates held last October in Paris, France.

As you grow in your understanding and believing of the magnificent truths from God’s Word, share them with your family, friends, and co-workers so that they too can be victorious in this world!

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