Sep/Oct 2020 Way Magazine


History demonstrates that noteworthy winners often encounter obstacles before they triumph. They emerge victorious because they refuse to become discouraged by defeats but instead overcome obstacles. Practicing the Biblical truths in this issue of The Way Magazine can help us overcome the obstacles of life and win!

In “The Magi and His Star,” Jacob Prewett shows how the Magi’s knowledge of the Word concerning the coming of the promised seed, Jesus Christ, led them to great victory when they recognized “his star.” Grace Kelly explains that “In the Face of a Challenge, Noah Believed God!” Although Noah faced unknown circumstances, he chose to believe and obey God, and he received a positive outcome.

Santina Ham shares that when we realize how God has blessed us beyond measure today, we can be even more encouraged to “Bless the Lord, O My Soul, and Forget Not All His Benefits.” In “John Wycliffe: His Stand for Truth and His Impact on the Reformation,” Rodney Grilliot tells us how John Wycliffe’s courageous stand had a great impact in his day. His actions laid the foundation for future reformers to courageously speak and preach God’s Word.

On page 19, Rev. Rosalie F. Rivenbark is honored for her years of faithful service on the Staff of The Way International, most recently as Chairman of the Board of Directors. In the series With God All Things Are Possible, Rick Brown demonstrates that we need not fear any situation. God is willing and able to help us in “Overcoming Physical Obstacles.” What Does the Word Say? aids our personal study of God’s Word with “Growing in Greek: A Simple Introduction to Greek Prepositions.” The Prevailing Word Report spotlights the graduation of The Way Corps class of 2020 in July. These graduates are equipped to go forth as leaders and workers in areas of concern, interest, and need in the household.

Winners often face obstacles. As we navigate through them with the powerful Biblical truths we learn in The Way Magazine, victories that once seemed unattainable can be ours!

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