Jan/Feb 2023 Way Magazine


Do you want to learn more about the principle of giving and receiving? In the article by Sierra Bergman, Giving Graciously, she explains the principle of giving and receiving in regard to all of life and shows that God will always fill us up as we give so that we can graciously give to others.

“Who do I speak the Word to?” may be a concern on your heart that has come up from time to time. Rev. Eric Koetteritz addresses this question by telling us that God’s will is for all to be saved and reconciled to Him. Eric shares about being faithful to speak to anyone, no matter how a person appears on the outside, because whosoever believes can be reconciled to God. To learn more, look for his article entitled Reconciliation Is Available to Whosoever Believes.

God reveals Who He is through His Word and through the titles He uses to describe Himself in His Word. In Name That Title/Characteristic of God, Laura Mittler invites readers to play an interactive game that reviews the titles and characteristics of God and reminds us that our God is neither limited nor one-dimensional, but unlimited and multifaceted. He truly is the One we can trust with all our heart in every situation of life!

This issue also includes these enlightening serial articles:

  • The Old Testament History series continues with a study of Abraham and Sarah by Rev. Bill Sage
  • What Does the Word Say? continues with The Ministry of Jesus Christ—Part II
  • Stewarding Our Physical Bodies by Rev. Bryan Mittler begins a new short series on Stewardship: Body, Soul, Spirit

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