Jul/Aug 2011 Way Magazine


What a comfort it is to know that God always takes care of us. He backs up His promises with all that He is, so we can rely on Him to fulfill His Word. The articles in this issue will build our resolve to do God’s Word and thereby receive His blessings in our lives.

With James 5:16 as her road map, Rose Mary Hill takes us on a journey along the path of God’s Word where we can confidently affirm that we are “Living Where God Answers Prayer.” Sometimes we face areas of our lives where we are limited in our perspective. Rev. Matthew Wingler explains that we can clarify our vision by “Climbing High to See God’s Elevated Perspective.”

Our ministry’s Bookstore provides a wealth of resources to help us grow, give, and stand strong on God’s Word. Learn more in “The Way International Bookstore: ‘How May We Help You?’” And in “Sowing Seeds for a Spiritual Harvest,” Jerry Weller shows us how we can reap bountifully throughout eternity by sowing and cultivating spiritual seeds in our lives today.

In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess explains some interesting customs about the literal and figurative uses of “Locks and Keys in Bible Times.” In The Prevailing Word Report, you’ll find highlights and photos from Advanced Class Special 2011 at The Way International Headquarters in April. Plus, the Letters Department includes inspiring comments from Advanced Class graduates who attended that event. Another report keeps us up-to-date on the in-residence Way Corps, who are focusing in great detail on leadership characteristics seen in men and women of the first-century Church.

Life gets better each day as we live according to God’s Word. There are so many promises available for us to claim, and God is always ready, willing, and able to bring them to pass as we believe. To discover more of God’s promises, here’s an idea: read and do the “God Promises Us…” activity on page 19 together with your home fellowship. Search the Scriptures to see how many related promises you can find, and then enjoy discussing what you find!

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