Jul/Aug 2012 Way Magazine


Our great big, wonderful God is a big Giver—the biggest giver of all! When we believe Romans 10:9 and 10, He puts His gift of holy spirit within us and makes us part of His family. He also gives us exceeding great and precious promises (II Peter 1:4) to claim for our own. The great abundance God gives is not only to meet the needs in our hearts and lives but also to have plenty to give to others. When we see from the Word all that He has given us, we are ready to freely give also.

In our first feature, John Chelar demonstrates from the Word how to “Be Ready to Give an Answer” of truth to those who want to know. Rev. Gary Livedalen then shows that we are perfectly outfitted to be on “God’s Spiritual Rescue Team,” bringing others to God’s safety and care. And “God Promises Us…” highlights some of God’s faithful promises from this issue that we can claim and share.

In another feature, we are treated to some of the inner workings of how “The Way of the U.S.A. Office Is Moving Like-minded Communication across the Nation.” It’s exciting to learn how this Department at The Way International serves as the communication link between the Board of Directors and local fellowships across the United States.

What Does the Word Say? takes us to the Scriptures regarding sexual relationships to examine the “Genuine versus Counterfeit: Overcoming the Homosexual Snare.” In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess expands our understanding of “The Lilies and Grass of the Field” in Matthew 6, showing that we can trust in God and keep Him first.

The Prevailing Word Report keeps us current on the in-residence Way Corps, the Country Coordinator Seminar for Spanish-speaking leaders held at The Way International Headquarters, and the Nationwide Field Conferences in The Way of the U.S.A. Our Letters department will give you a lift as you read of God’s blessings to Way Disciple Outreach Group XVIII.

You can give a lift to someone by sharing an appropriate promise of God that they can claim for the answers they need. You could even read a related Way Magazine article together and talk about ways to apply it—then assure them that God keeps all His promises!

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