Jul/Aug 2013 Way Magazine


What awesome power we have as sons of the living God! The feature articles in this issue show us we can evidence God’s prevailing power as we pray with believing and as we manifest God’s love and kindness toward others.

The Bible is filled with examples of individuals who applied the principle of believing in their prayers and saw the mighty power of God in their lives. In her feature article, Roxanne Peace tells of such remarkable records that demonstrate “The Mighty Power of Prayer.” We see how the heartfelt prayers of people who loved and believed God preceded the mighty working of God. Also on the topic of prayer, Jerry Martinez shows from I Timothy 2:1-3 that God has given us the privilege and responsibility to offer “Prayers and Intercessions for Those in Positions of Authority” so that we can live quiet and peaceful lives honestly before God.

In “Manifesting the Kindness of God,” Ruthie Lewis explains what this kindness is and how we can reach out with God’s great love and kindness. “God Promises Us…” gives specific promises that you can claim in your life. The Way Kids Say department will uplift your soul as you read the inspirational poems written by three of our youths. If you have ever wondered what is meant by the saying “come, buy…without money” taken from Isaiah 55:1, you are not alone! The Manners and Customs of the Bible article explains this figurative expression that can be puzzling to the Western mind.

Catch up on ministry activities in The Prevailing Word Report: highlighted are the Live to Give Challenge, the in-residence Way Corps training, enthusiastic responses from the recognition fellowships for the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XIX, and Region meetings in The Way of the U.S.A.

As you absorb the wonderful truths in this issue, pick out quotes or verses to share with others. Then send them to family, friends, and co-workers via e-mail, text, or handwritten cards and enjoy the mighty impact of your giving as God’s Word goes to work in their lives!


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