Mar/Apr 2005 Way Magazine


As we can see from our theme poster this year, building Biblical understanding takes teamwork. Our team of writers in this issue has provided an abundance of teaching to help us continue in our pursuit of accurate Biblical understanding—and doing!

In “The Benefits of Meekness,” Vince McFadden shows from the examples of Moses, Jesus Christ, and the Apostle Paul how we can enjoy the generous blessings and benefits of God’s goodness that meekness opens up in our lives. Rev. Bill Greene helps us to better understand and appreciate that “We Have Access!” to God as our Father because of the accomplishments of Jesus Christ.

God has given us the right and the resources to reconcile others back to Him, as Rev. Joe Naviello teaches in “Reconciled to Reconcile!” In Dottie Moynihan’s article, we are “Encouraged to Faint Not.” We see that God has lovingly provided us with a wealth of truths from His Word that give us the strength and courage we need to navigate through life’s challenges.

In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess spotlights “The Farmer in Bible Times.” With an understanding of the ancient customs involved in this occupation, we can better comprehend scriptures that relate to agriculture in God’s Word.

Enjoy The Prevailing Word Report with two exciting updates. “The Way Corps—Building Biblical Understanding” capsulizes their learning during the fall and winter training, and “Way Disciples—Building the Body Together!” shows the tremendous impact Way Disciple Outreach Group XI is having in their areas as they faithfully speak God’s Word.

Let’s keep building our Biblical understanding so that we can be fruitful in every good work and continue to increase in the knowledge of God.

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