Mar/Apr 2010 Way Magazine


Living the Word’s way, knowing that our sufficiency is of God—not of ourselves or of any other source—is a powerful life-style. This issue explores actions we can take to bring God’s sufficiency into even greater tangible reality in our lives.

Being members together in the Body of Christ is a dynamic part of our sufficiency from God. Polly Rotunda answers the question “Who Is Important in the Body of Christ?” and shows why we are so important to God and to each other. “For Further Study” is included with this article so that we, as workmen of the Word, can deepen our understanding and application of these truths. Brian Moynihan explains how improving and maintaining a physically fit body enhances our quality of life and makes us “Stronger to Serve.”

In her article, Dianne Maxson shows that life takes on exciting dimensions as we go forth “Giving Cheerfully—Blessing Bountifully.” In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess teaches about the role of “The Herald” in Eastern culture and shows that we are heralds for God in our day and time. Enjoy the edifying verses on our yearly theme scripture page; they’ll increase your understanding of how to make God your sufficiency.

In The Prevailing Word Report, read about a historic International Outreach itinerary: the President of The Way International, Rev. Rosalie F. Rivenbark, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Weidenhamer, emeritus Way Corps, visited and taught fellowships in four European countries in October 2009. You can also read inspiring updates about the in-residence Way Corps and the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XVI.

As we abound to every good work, our lives abound with blessings. Use your Way Magazine to find promises from the Word that you have seen come to pass in your life. In ways great and small, it’s exciting to document God’s sufficiency in our lives and then to share a detail or incident with a family member or friend. We can let them see that the Word works and that God can supply their need too!

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