Jul/Aug 2021 Way Magazine


The principles God gives us in His Word apply universally in all situations for all people—that includes our co-workers and our neighbors! In this issue we will look at principles we can apply to gain a more abundant life and that we can share with others, so let’s be ready to speak.

In “Each One Win One,” Basil Makharita shares practically how we can win a hungry heart to God’s Word and what joy it is to see their deliverance first-hand and to be a part of their exciting journey of transformation by God’s Word! Rev. Steve Crommett delves into “John the Baptist” to show us what God called him to do and why John the Baptist was such a great prophet for God.

We can be great for God as we allow God’s Word to dwell in us richly through our faithful study of the Scriptures. Ann Jones explores four simple types of study plans that will build depth and scope of the Word in our hearts. She makes it doable, showing how to “Start a Study Plan Today!” and receive maximum benefit from God’s Word. What Holly Lippold teaches about “Gracious Living” gives us a foundation for enjoying life with others and helps us to steward the grace God has given us.

A new Biblical research series in The Way Magazine—“Workmen of the Word”—will illuminate the rich depth and detail of God’s Word. This first article gives us insight into the meaning of the Hebrew word for “God” in “Genesis 1:1, Elohim.” In our series on Living the Mystery in This Wonderful Age of Grace, Rev. Perry Peace examines how “Putting the Mystery into Action” keeps God’s Word prevailing in our lives.

The Prevailing Word Report describes the in-residence Way Corps’ two audit weekends, which gave committed disciples desiring to increase their leadership service an inside look at The Way Corps training program. On Saturday, April 17, four Way Corps ministers were ordained at Camp Gunnison—The Way Household Ranch. See their photo and read about this wonderful occasion on page 30.

God has empowered and equipped us to reach those who hunger for His Word and to lead them to a more abundant life. Enjoy the riches of God’s Word in this issue and let the Word shine in YOU!

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