Mar/Apr 2012 Way Magazine


Living the more abundant life together is a joyous adventure as we focus on our theme, Living the Word’s Way: Dwelling Together in the Lord. The truths in this issue will help us, as believers in the Grace Administration, to grow in our understanding and application of who we are in Christ and the many blessings we have received from God.

Valerie Livedalen looks at three Biblical examples of men who achieved great things for God because they understood and were “Convinced of God’s Love, Mercy, and Grace.” We too can abound in life as we claim these blessings. Paula Wren spotlights “The Love and Care of the Resurrected Christ” during his last days on earth. A look at some of his resurrection appearances to his devoted followers demonstrates how to manifest this love and care more dynamically in our daily walk. In “Sounding Out by Our Example,” John DeFere shows that we, like the first-century believers, can sound out by our example in our Word-filled communication and in our loving care for others, even when faced with opposition.

In the center spread of this issue, you’ll find a colorful pictorial overview of recent Camp Gunnison camps and getaways. What Does the Word Say? explores what the Bible says about the common question “Is there intelligent life on other planets?” In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess examines Psalm 77:2, helping us to understand Eastern customs relating to this verse and to appreciate the spiritual truth set forth.

The Prevailing Word Report contains two informative updates for your blessing: one highlights the successes of our Way Disciples of Outreach Group XVIII, and the other, the “I Can Do” attitude of the in-residence Way Corps. Included in this issue is our yearly theme scripture page with a sampling of verses throughout the Bible that are related to Dwelling Together in the Lord. Enjoy looking them up and learning more about how we can live the Word together.

After filling out the “Read and Do” activity on page 17, you could take turns in your home fellowship discussing ways to apply the teaching; then put the principles into action together. This will accelerate your application and understanding of God’s Word, and you’ll have a great time living it!

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