Mar/Apr 2013 Way Magazine


God’s Word has a prevailing impact on the world as we decide to act upon the Word we know and reach out to others. This mind-set of action helps us to be mighty for God with His power manifested in our lives. This issue of The Way Magazine will help us determine ways that we can act upon God’s Word today and get results we can see.

One way we can act upon God’s Word is by “Building Mutual Respect in Our Fellowships.” In this first feature article, Jon Ryan illustrates from the Word that when we each build the Word of God in our thinking and actions, our respect for one another grows. This leads to an increase in our mutual believing, opening the door for the power of God to be manifested even greater. When you “Trust in the Lord with All Thine Heart,” you will live powerfully! Lucy Drum shares inspiring qualities that build our trust in God and the integrity of His Word. Andy Handlin expounds on two Biblical records of believers who greatly needed to see God’s healing power. Learning from their examples of determination and believing action, we too can “Determine to Be Healed” when we need healing.

Enjoy looking up the encouraging scriptures on the yearly theme scripture page; it will set your focus on this year’s theme and help you be Mighty for God. The center spread highlights exciting events held in the past six months at Camp Gunnison—The Way Family Ranch. Is it time for you to think about making the high country your destination?

What Does the Word Say? answers the question, “When does human life begin?” Manners and Customs of the Bible sheds light on Matthew 6:22 to help us better understand “If Thine Eye Be Single.” You’ll find insight and inspiration in The Prevailing Word Report concerning two dynamic programs of service in our ministry when you read of the in-residence Way Corps and the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XIX.

Consider inviting others to join you as you utilize the “For Further Study” suggestions on page 11. Together you’ll find even more truth to bolster your believing to act on the Word, manifesting God’s power and making a mighty impact for God in your area.

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