Mar/Apr 2015 Way Magazine


Our heavenly Father delights in our spiritual growth. He loves to see us becoming more Christlike every day. He wants us to have a powerful spiritual impact as we put on His Word in our minds and live for Him. In this issue, we’ll see how to make God’s will our will and develop a specific plan for accomplishing His will—so that we grow and flourish even more!

In “Growing as a Fellowship,” Rev. Marcia Greene shows the value of having a planned pattern for spiritual growth, not only to benefit ourselves, but also to help others see the Word prevail in their lives as we reach out from our home fellowships. Ken Maggi shows that like Jesus Christ, we too can lovingly submit to the Word of God as the will of God, “Making God’s Will Our Will” and applying it in our lives. Looking at James 1:22-25, Jennifer Chelar encourages us to focus our efforts upon hearing God’s Word and then doing it: by following the example of Jesus Christ, we reap the blessings of being “Doers of the Word.”

What Does the Word Say? debunks the assumption in parts of society today that homosexuality is genetic. “Homosexuality: Choice Not Genetics” clearly shows that homosexuality is not genetic, but a personal choice—and that God lovingly keeps His way of deliverance, abundance, and power open for those who want to change. In the Witnesses in Our Occupations article, “Living the Word’s Way in the Healing Arts,” Dr. Chris Zona shares how making time for God while carrying out his secular responsibilities enables him to live dynamically, to be a witness in his medical practice, and to meet others’ needs with the Word.

The Prevailing Word Report, with reports on the in-residence Way Corps training program and the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXI, keeps you updated on recent happenings in our life-changing ministry. Enjoy the abundance of God’s Word you’ll find on the yearly theme scripture pages regarding Abounding in God’s Grace. You’ll understand God’s grace even greater as you look up these inspiring verses on pages 16 and 17. To gain additional insight on our theme, team up with others and look up these same verses using The Way Magazine scripture index (or electronically search with the online digital edition of The Way Magazine) to find them in other issues. Then read the related articles together and share what new insights you’ve gained!

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