March/April 2024 Way Magazine


Feature articles include the following:

    • “The Chaff Must Go!” by Connie Richards:
      • Explores the benefits of traveling light physically and mentally, emphasizing simplification for powerful living.
      • Sidebar: “Burning the Chaff at Home”
        • Includes practical keys for traveling light at home.
    • “God Calls Them Faithful” by Sam Graham:
      • Listicle article highlighting faithful believers, serving as a follow-up to Sam’s JF24 article, “Always Faithful.”
      • Sidebar: “Faithful Ones in the Old Testament” by Sam Graham
    • “The Dividends of Discipleship” by Diana Craik:
      • Discusses discipline as crucial for success, emphasizing the dividends of living by the Word.
      • Explores what it means to be a disciple, the benefits, how to become one, and the actions disciples take.

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This issue also includes these enlightening articles:
  • Interactive Theme Activity:
    • “Abide in Truth” study guide.
      • Interactive study activity for individuals and home fellowships.
      • Includes listening with a purpose questions based on the 81st Anniversary teaching, reflection/discussion questions, and suggestions for further study.
      • Coincides with replaying the 81st Anniversary for the STS on March 24, 2024.
  • Departments/Series:
    • Manners and Customs of the Bible: “Nomadic Tents of the East” by Ken Daniels:
      • Explores the use of tents in ancient Israelite and surrounding nomadic cultures.
    • Old Testament History Series:
      • “The Book of Leviticus” by Eddie McInnis: Presents Leviticus in relation to worship and holiness, highlighting God’s expectations for His people and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.
Additional Contributions
    • Leadership Profile: Steve Crommett by Stacie Cook