May/Jun 2006 Way Magazine


As followers of the way, our Lord Jesus Christ, we are interested in experientially knowing the truth of God’s Word. We want to learn how to practically apply it in our lives so that we can live abundantly and powerfully day by day and help others do the same. The Word of God offers us Biblical solutions for daily living, and this issue focuses on some of those solutions.

Rev. Aaron Hampton builds our understanding of how “God Will Give Us the Desires of Our Heart” as we delight in the Lord, commit our way unto Him, and trust in Him. Mary Kay Koetteritz takes us a step further in “Delighting in God’s Word.” We learn what it means to delight in God’s Word, how we can delight in it, and the benefits to our lives of doing so. In her article, LewEllyn Hallett shows that our lives take on a joyful, abundant, and powerful quality as we face each day having “A Godly Attitude—The Outlook That Overcomes.”

Retaining Bible verses in our memory is a powerful way to make God’s Word available to ourselves at any time, anywhere, as Mary Mittler explains in “Make the Word Your Own.” Holding God’s Word accurately in mind and speaking it is a key to successful living. Do you want to know a secret? Rev. Bill Berryhill tells the secret to peaceful living—even in the midst of challenging circumstances—in “Rest and Peace in Believing.”

In Keys to Biblical Research, “The Scripture Interprets Itself: Used Before,” Rico Magnelli expounds on how the previous use of a word, an expression, or an idea in the Scripture helps us to see the depth of meaning that God intends. The Prevailing Word Report gives an exciting update on the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XII. Enjoy heartwarming highlights of the April fellowships held in recognition and in honor of this dynamic group for their fruitful service. These and many other blessings await you in this issue.

Let’s keep building Biblical solutions into our hearts to the end of manifesting God’s abundance and prevailing power in our lives!

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