May/Jun 2009 Way Magazine


God has given us all things that pertain unto life and godliness. As we go to the written Word to build our knowledge of God’s promises and then take believing action on them, we will profit abundantly in our daily living. This issue is packed with promises from the Word that we can act on now to see results in our lives.

Jeanetter Lomax shares practical ways we can receive spiritual and mental nourishment as we “Enjoy Reading God’s Word.” Rev. Scott Bodolosky shows that born-again believers go “From Condemnation to Superconqueror” by renewing their minds. When we walk with confidence in God and His Word, we bring our sonship right of redemption into practical living. Would you like to know more about how the prevailing Word moves out from The Way International Headquarters to reach believers around the world? The dynamic team effort it takes is described in “The International Outreach Department—A Bridge to Serve Believers Worldwide.”

Rev. Mark George shows us how we can claim freedom from sin and condemnation because we are “Justified: Living Free!” In her article “Mixing the Word with Believing,” Ann Ware serves up a recipe for receiving abundant blessings in our lives that are guaranteed by God Himself. Readers of all ages can have some fun with the feature articles—dig a little deeper on pages 13–16.

In Keys to Biblical Research, Rev. David Chavoustie applies the fifth of seven steps to Biblical accuracy, “The words must be understood in light of to whom it is written.” In The Prevailing Word Report don’t miss the news about the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XV. Their six-month tenure has brought great gladness and joy.

To remind you of the benefits and promises of God in this issue, the photographs, illustrations, and more can be cut out and framed to decorate your home or beautify a class setting. You could purchase extra copies or an additional Way Magazine subscription from The Way International Bookstore for this purpose. Surrounding yourself with the beauty and bounty of God’s Word inspires believing!

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