May/June 2024 Way Magazine


Articles include the following:

  • “Overcoming Evil with Good” by Vern Edwards:
      • Explores how to live the Romans 12 lifestyle, including specific ways to overcome evil with good.
  • “Emotions: God’s Perspective” by Angela Priester:
      • Explains why we align our emotions with God’s Word and will and how to do this.
  • “Genesis 3:1-6: God Rules, Not Senses Ruled” by Roger Kuntz:
      • Shows that choosing to walk according to God’s Word rather than allowing our five senses to rule will result in freedom and abundance.
  • “Believing Unto Victory” by Samantha DeFere:
      • Encourages us to expect God’s victory in every situation and gives three actions we can take in the face of challenges.
  • “Numbers and Deuteronomy: The Children of Israel in the Wilderness” by Edwige Mathilde Dzaba:
      • Examines two major topics: (1) the forty years of Israel’s wandering in the wilderness and (2) Moses preparing a new generation of believers to go into and claim the Promised Land.
  • Menō: A Guided Word Study”
      • Lists scriptures containing the Greek word menō, along with some questions for guided study, to help us better understand what it means to abide in truth.
  • “God’s Word in Culture Worldwide Conference” by Rosemary Bianchi:
      • Reports some of the highlights from the recent conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, along with plenty of photos.

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