Nov/Dec 2006 Way Magazine


Every year we want to step up our growth in God’s Word, and this year we’ll make exciting strides together in The Promised Land of the Prevailing Word: Walking in the Steps of Jesus Christ. As we focus on the brilliant example of Jesus Christ, we see how deeply our lord and savior trusted in the integrity of God’s Word. Daily he drew upon the Word of God for answers, for strength, for encouragement. So can we.

To build our understanding of the Word’s integrity, Rev. Nik Maxson shows us that “God’s Word Is Pure—His Will Is Good!” Grace Miller teaches that being “Encouraged by God’s Goodness” begins with the Word. We can direct our hearts from weakness to strength, from human deficiency to God’s sufficiency, and live victoriously. Maria Rupp explains that “God Is Rich in Mercy,” and we learn in her article what mercy is, why we need it, and how to trust in our merciful God.

Practical answers of truth continue to abound in “The Foundation of Parenting: God’s Word.” You’re sure to enjoy this issue’s topic, as well as Bernita Jess’s article, “Eastern Hospitality,” in Manners and Customs of the Bible. For your shopping pleasure, this issue spotlights several new items from The Way International Bookstore, including the upcoming release of the Sunday Teaching Services on DVD. Also, on page 27 you’ll find the new subscription rates for The Way Magazine. These will take effect January 1, 2007.

With our sixty-fourth anniversary celebration, our new ministry year got off to a powerful start—and so did the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XIII, who are serving in the United States and Canada! The Prevailing Word Report gives inspiring details and photographs, and an entire page shows this year’s Region coordinators for The Way of the U.S.A. What great ways to picture our brothers and sisters in Christ as we pray for our worldwide ministry.

As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we have the joy of walking in his steps. With our Sunday Teaching Services and classes, our publications, our home fellowships and ministrywide events, there is so much truth we can build in our lives! We’ll grow mightily as we believe the Word in all its integrity and step out on it each day.

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