Nov/Dec 2015 Way Magazine


We began a series in the September/October 2015 issue by delving into the first two steps to renewing the mind—“Study the Word of God” and “Recognize Our Position in Christ as Sons of God.” In this issue we’ll complete the series with the third and fourth steps. Gaining a more in-depth understanding and application of these important steps can help us build a more intimate walk with God and also live a life of power.

In handling step three, “Practice the Presence of God,” Jill Edwards presents the value of practicing the presence of God and shares practical ways to accomplish this in our renewed-mind walk. Consider step four, “Live God’s Love,” as Connie Richards explains who is to love with the love of God, what the love of God is, why we are to live His love, and how we live God’s love. There is no way to give or receive too much love.

In “God Is Our Sufficiency,” Rev. Tom Mullins demonstrates that while man cannot be truly sufficient in himself, God’s sufficiency for man includes every aspect of life imaginable for a more abundant life. Debra Berger shows that “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth” enables us to clearly understand Who God is and what He desires for our lives so that we can believe and act rightly. Being young at heart adds so much fun to life. Have fun applying the learning from the feature articles as you dig into the activities on pages 13–16.

In The Prevailing Word Report, enjoy highlights and photographs from the celebration of our ministry’s seventy-third anniversary and the commissioning of Way Disciple Outreach Group XXII at The Way International and in New Zealand. Another report tells of the Great Plains Region Meeting in July, where disciples gathered for tremendous teaching and fellowship. A Recognition of the U.S.A. Military and a special tribute on the back cover of this issue show our heartfelt appreciation for the honorable men and women of the United States armed forces. They serve to protect the freedoms which allow believers to reach out with God’s prevailing Word.

As you explore this issue, consider writing down ways you can put into action the practical steps you learn from the articles. You’ll see God work mightily in your life!

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