Nov/Dec 2018 Way Magazine


Our heart for this issue is that it will inspire you and better equip you to hold forth the good news regarding our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and the more abundant life he came to make available. As we grow to be even more confident ambassadors for Christ, we can help others receive access to our heavenly Father and enjoy the richness of the fellowship available to them as sons of God.

In “Jeremiah: Fearless to Speak the Truth,” Rev. John Linder teaches that when we build the Word in our hearts and minds as Jeremiah did, we too will be fearless to speak the truth in any situation. Dianne Ginn shares three ways of “Demonstrating Financially Our Love and Thankfulness for God” for all that we have received from Him as His children. Teresa Jackson explains “How to Prevail Over Life’s Pressures” by trusting in God, staying rooted in His Word, and controlling our thinking. Enjoy the Children’s Activities pages—such fun ways to dig a little deeper into truths in this issue!

Manners and Customs of the Bible helps us understand “The Burden Bearer” in Bible times. Knowing what Jesus Christ accomplished for us as the prototype burden bearer inspires us to bear one another’s burdens in love. In Witnesses in Our Occupations, Ann Jones’s interviews disclose the principle of godly stewardship and how to incorporate this principle in our occupations so we can reap “The Benefits of Godly Stewardship at Work.”

In The Prevailing Word Report, you’ll find highlights and photographs of the joyous beginning of our seventy-sixth anniversary year and the commissioning of Way Disciple Outreach Group XXV at The Way International Headquarters. For our unified believing and prayers, across from the contents page is a map of the 2018–2019 Regions in The Way of the U.S.A. with photographs of the Region coordinators and their wives.

As you read through this issue, you could keep pen and paper on hand to jot down inspiring truths to share with others as you hold forth the good news regarding our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

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