Sep/Oct 2008 Way Magazine


In III John 4 we see that God has no greater joy than to hear that His children walk in truth. What a joy and blessing it is to our heavenly Father when we walk on His Word and reach out to people who want to know the truth. This issue gives practical keys that will help us reach out to others with God’s Word so that they too can receive and manifest God’s power and deliverance.

John Chelar focuses on Philippians 2:15 and 16 and its context in “Shining as Lights—The Believer’s Privilege and Responsibility.” We can be radiant as God’s luminaries in this world, and to help establish these truths in our understanding, ideas for further study are provided at the end of this feature article.

Ed Horney shows practical aspects of John 14:12 in “Greater Works than These Shall We Do!” When we operate the ministry of reconciling others to God, we are experiencing some of the “greater works” that Jesus Christ declared. There is space to develop an action plan for achieving these greater works; you can write your ideas in the “Read and Do” activity following the article.

Greg Bolchalk illustrates that “The Word Is for All Seasons,” pointing out the abundance of truth we have to meet our need through every stage of life. In “Witnesses of God’s Power,” Rev. Randy Ginn explains how we, like the disciples in the first-century Church, can be confident witnesses of God’s mighty power. In Keys to Biblical Research, we continue to increase our understanding of the seven steps to Biblical accuracy as Rev. Ira Berger teaches “Step 3: The verse must fit with the immediate context.”

The Prevailing Word Report informs us of two inspiring events at The Way International Headquarters this summer—the 2008 Advanced Class and The Way Corps class of 2008 graduation.

When you are preparing to share God’s Word, consider what a helpful tool The Way Magazine is. The articles provide fresh perspectives and angles on foundational truths that you can present in your home fellowship and in witnessing situations. Let’s keep responding to God’s goodness by reaching out to others with the powerful truths that bring deliverance!

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