Sep/Oct 2013 Way Magazine


How blessed we are as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ to have God’s Word as the standard for our thoughts and actions. This issue of The Way Magazine is full of practical Biblical principles that we can build deeper into our hearts and walk out on with believing to be mighty for God!

Kate Sewell teaches how to “See Yourself from God’s Elevated View.” By knowing and confessing what His Word says about us, we are transformed to become what the Word says about us! Included with this feature article is the “Read and Do” activity. Enjoy considering truths taught in this article and writing down ways you can apply the teaching. In her feature article, Dottie Moynihan goes to God’s Word to explain how—with His presence, His light, and His strength—He makes us capable of “Handling Life’s Transitions the Word’s Way.”

Heather Wingler shows how we can draw from “God’s Endless Supply of Encouragement” each day for ourselves and others. His Word is a mighty resource to lovingly encourage and help each other maximize our spiritual growth. Included with this feature article is “For Further Study” with ideas for taking the truths taught even further in our personal study. Also included in this issue are two wonderful articles describing God and His Word: What Does the Word Say? shows us that God’s Word is indeed trustworthy; and in Titles of God in the Bible, we find that the title Jehovah-tsidqenu gives us insight into the righteousness of God and how He made us righteous.

Catch up on exciting happenings in our ministry in The Prevailing Word Report. Included are details on the latest camps and getaways at Camp Gunnison, recent nationwide field conferences, the ordination of six ministers, and the graduation of The Way Corps class of 2013!

The Way Magazine is “For People Who Love God and His Word.” Do you know anyone who fits that description? Perhaps there is an article inside that will bring specific deliverance to someone you know. You could show them how invigorating it is to think the Word, do the Word, and be mighty for God!


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