Sep/Oct 2014 Way Magazine


God desires that we trust in Him with all our heart (Proverbs 3:5). What a blessing it is to have His Word as our practical guide to trusting in Him! As we discipline our lives to His Word, take believing action, and manifest His love to others, we show our trust in God and prove that His Word works.

In “Discipleship—A Lifestyle,” Rev. Perry Peace keys from the examples of Jesus Christ, Peter, Paul, and other first-century believers to show attributes, qualities, and benefits of being a disciple. Enjoy digging into God’s Word even deeper with the “For Further Study” activity that accompanies this article. Marcus Walker teaches that “Simple Believing Gets the Victory.” We learn that when we build our believing with God’s Word and take bold believing action, recognizing that God is both able and willing to perform His promises, we can expect victorious results.

Robin Weller shows that God’s love is truly “The Greatest Love of All Time” and encourages us to follow God’s example by deciding to manifest His love more abundantly to others. Consider writing down ways you can apply this teaching in the “Read and Do” activity at the end of this article.

The center spread of this issue will delight you with dynamic verses that focus on trusting in God. Then two articles follow, clarifying often misunderstood verses. What Does the Word Say? answers the question, “Is I Timothy 3:16 saying that Jesus Christ was literally God manifested in the flesh?” From Manners and Customs of the Bible we understand in Romans 12:20 why we would “heap coals of fire” on someone’s head.

The Prevailing Word Report gives updates on power-filled ministry events: the new Advanced Class held at The Way International Headquarters in June 2014, and also The Way Corps class of 2014 graduation and the East Central Region Meeting, both held in July of this year.

The Way Magazine is full of practical keys for you to apply today. Choose one of the points you write down in the “Read and Do” activity. Then look for opportunities to put it into practice each day!

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