Jan/Feb 2005 Way Magazine


For over sixty-two years, our ministry has been teaching the keys to understanding God’s Word so that those who desire to be filled “might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God” (Colossians 1:10).

In this issue we continue to build our Biblical understanding, starting with “Standing Strong Spiritually” by Steven Daniel. In this article we see two basic elements from Ephesians 6 that help us to stand and be victorious in the spiritual competition. In “Grace unto Good Works,” Rico Magnelli shows that God’s grace is not given because we do good works, but by His grace in Christ Jesus we are sufficient to perform every good work. Bob Moynihan provides a practical example of five basics for a believer’s spiritual development in “Timothy: A Believer’s Example.”

Another way we can build Biblical understanding is to use The Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index for 2004. This research tool can be detached from the center of the magazine and kept with other research materials, providing access to a storehouse of Biblical truth in past issues. In a new department, Keys to Biblical Research, Rev. Nik Maxson expounds upon the first key, “The Scripture Interprets Itself: In the Verse— Right Where It Is Written.” Gain more skill and confidence as a workman of the Word as you apply this fundamental key to Biblical research.

The Prevailing Word Report highlights a momentous spiritual event in our ministry—Advanced Class Special 2004 held in Dallas, Texas, this past November. Disciples from around the world gathered over the Thanksgiving weekend to focus on the theme “Practical Keys to Biblical Research.”

Let’s continue laboring joyfully in the Word of Life, anticipating the greater abundance and Biblical understanding that we will have to enjoy and share with others!

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