Jan/Feb 2013 Way Magazine


Being Mighty for God is a goal each of us can achieve as we believe God’s Word and make the commitment to take action on it. As we are mighty for God individually, we can be mighty for Him collectively, and together we can see His Word prevail and produce magnificent results!

To receive the benefits of God’s Word in our lives, it must first be sown in our hearts. Jean Berryhill shows that as we do our part, “Sowing Seeds of Truth,” God does His part by rewarding us with abundant increase now and in the future. Rev. Rich Prewett keys from the examples of David and the believers in the Book of Acts to illustrate how we can “Build the Habit of Acting on the Word.” Mary Spevak takes us to a place where every need is met, a place where God’s people bring strength and edification to one another by “Speaking Words That Minister Grace.”

This issue also contains the 2012 Way Magazine Author/Scripture Index. This index lists all of the authors, articles, and scriptures found in the issues over the past calendar year. It can be removed and filed with other indexes for quick and easy reference.

In Titles of God in the Bible, Rev. John Niesz looks closely at the title “Jehovah-shalom— The Lord Our Peace” to show God’s heart to bring deliverance and peace to those who look to and trust in Him. The Manners and Customs of the Bible department helps us to understand some of the Eastern customs related to “The Synagogue.”

With the many benefits to be gained from going Way Disciple, we asked some Way Disciple alumni how this outreach program continues to benefit their lives. Find their answers in The Prevailing Word Report entitled “Way Disciple Alumni Going Strong.” Also read about Rev. Rosalie F. Rivenbark’s weeklong itinerary to Paris, France. There she and Rev. Jean-Yves De Lisle met with ministry leaders from Germany and then with leaders from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Also they participated in the countrywide meeting of The Way of France.

As you meet people with different needs, why not match them up with a Way Magazine article suited just for them? As a wise cultivator, you’ll be sowing seeds of truth with each paragraph they read!

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