January/February 2024 Way Magazine


This issue begins with a letter from the President of The Way International, Rev. Vern Edwards.

Feature articles include the following:

  • “Always Faithful” by Sam Graham: Explores what it means to be faithful, highlighting faithful believers in God’s Word and their defining qualities.
  • “God Is Good Always” by Edgar Mendoza: Clarifies one of life’s profound questions—”Why do bad things happen to good people?”—via the Hebrew idiom of permission, emphasizing God’s eternal goodness.
  • “Grow in the Light of the Word” by Bryan Mittler: Unveils the process of spiritual growth facilitated by God’s Word, revealing barriers, providing spiritual enlightenment, and guiding personal development.
  • “The Power of Your Words: What You Say Is What You Get” by Margarita Crommett: Emphasizes the vital role of confessing the Word, showcases positive confessions, and guides the formation of affirmations embodying God’s truth.

This issue also includes these enlightening articles:

  • Old Testament History Series—”Moses: Deliverance from the Land of Bondage” by Michael Cosgrove: Traces Moses’ journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, spotlighting his pivotal role in helping to liberate God’s people from bondage.
  • What Does the Word Say? Addresses whether water baptism is necessary for salvation by examining pertinent sections of Scripture.
  • Leadership Profile: Profile of Director Angela Priester by Stacie Cook

Additional Contributions

  • Word Over the World Report on the Recording of the PFAL Today Intermediate Class
  • The Teacher’s Corner #3 of 6—“Have a Clear Aim for Every Teaching”
  • Ten Enriching Activities to Try with Your Home Fellowship

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