Jul/Aug 2006 Way Magazine


Pursuing Biblical solutions in our daily living allows us to enjoy many benefits that God promises in His Word. By searching the Scriptures daily, we have the joy of knowing our heavenly Father more and more and strengthening our sweet fellowship with Him.

In our first feature article, Felicia Adams shows how we can grow in “Trusting God, Our Source of Abundance,” to supply our every need. Next, Rev. Rich Prewett shows the blessings and rewards we can claim by “Anchoring Our Minds with the Stability of God’s Word.” In “The Benefits of Believing Together,” Jeanetter Lomax points out the wisdom and strength of teaming up with fellow disciples to see God’s promises come to pass.

“Prayer—A Powerful Part of Outreach,” by Ray Weidenhamer, explains the close relationship between prayer and outreach in the Scriptures. Like the believers in the first-century Church, we can make prayer a vital part of our life-style and walk through open doors to speak God’s Word. Brian Moynihan focuses on our “Liberty to Serve in God’s Love.” We see how we can utilize our freedom in Christ to serve others and to accomplish great things together.

In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess sheds light on some of the significance of the Eastern lamp that can help us to better understand related scripture references. “The Foundation of Parenting: God’s Word” considers some helpful steps believers can take to start their day the right way—with God’s peace as the standard. The Prevailing Word Report highlights some of the dynamic ways the in-residence Way Corps are training for a lifetime of Christian service, and it also shares the good fruit yielded from the Leaders Meetings and Region coordinator weekends this ministry year.

Every day, as we’re enriched by the truths of God’s Word, we can expect to receive God’s abundant blessings and reach out to help others do the same!

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