Jul/Aug 2015 Way Magazine


During this ministry year we are abounding in God’s grace as we increase our understanding of the many aspects and blessings available in the Grace Administration. In this issue we’ll learn more about claiming those blessings as we live and serve God’s Word together.

John Chelar reviews principles we can apply in exercising our God-given authority to speak His Word by looking at our Lord Jesus Christ’s impacting framework for success, taught in “Jesus Christ Sends Out the Twelve and the Seventy.” In “What Is the Great Mystery?” Steve Longley answers this important question via a word study to increase our understanding of the central truth in this Age of Grace. Vicky Sumlin shows that we are “Saved by God’s Grace to Walk in the Power of His Might,” filled with God’s spirit to perform the good works He has for us to do day by day—all by His grace!

In the Witnesses in Our Occupations article, “Shining as Lights in Sales and Marketing,” Jerry Jacks presents three practical truths from the Word that those who serve in this occupation can apply to successfully shine as lights for God. From Manners and Customs of the Bible we learn some of the literal and figurative uses of “weights” and “balances” in the Scriptures, helping us be a delight to our heavenly Father as we walk with integrity on His Word.

The Prevailing Word Report gives insight into The Way Corps training program by describing the trainees’ study of true leadership in the Word and sharing their opportunities to put the learning into action. Another report highlights the Mid-America Region Meeting, where believers from five states joined together to deepen their understanding and appreciation of God’s amazing grace in practical ways.

Consider reading this issue with someone in your fellowship and making a list of spiritual goals that you would like to accomplish with God’s Word. Paint a vivid picture of yourselves doing and speaking God’s Word. Then enjoy believing and working together to see your goals come to pass and sharing your accomplishments with others!

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