July/August 2023 Way Magazine


In this issue Rev. Perry L. Peace examines “Godly Mentoring.” He shows us how to be a godly mentor, how to be a great mentee, and the benefits of this relationship by considering the godly relationship of Jesus Christ and his disciples.

In a world where it is so very needed, we can faithfully impact others with God’s loving-kindness. “Be Kind All the Time!” by Audrey Latta explains how we can be imitators of God by learning more about His kindness from His Word. We can faithfully impact others with God’s kindness because we are His kids and recipients of His loving-kindness.

God’s Word teaches us the importance of obeying. The third part of our series on toddlers, “Training Toddlers to Obey” by Louiselle Perry, shows us that once we have trained a toddler to listen and to remember, we can then work with them to obey.

Have you ever heard “Home is where the heart is”? Gilma De Quattro teaches us how we can make our homes a refuge by applying Biblical principles. Her article “How to Maintain a Home That Is a Refuge” shows home care, which involves the physical side, and heart care, which is all about people.

This issue also includes these enlightening series articles:

  • Old Testament History – Rev. Doug Orlick recounts the story of the young man Joseph in “Joseph’s Rise to Power.” With believing, integrity and faithfulness, Joseph rose to power in Egypt and helped to fulfill God’s plan to preserve the Christ line. To see what the prison might have been like where Joseph was held, read the sidebar “Ancient Egyptian Prisons” by Ann Jones.
  • Leadership Profile Series – Come take a look at the first of our leadership profiles! In this issue, the article written by Stacie Cook features Rev. Vern Edwards. This series will give us a closer, personal look at those who have chosen to commit themselves in service to God’s people in The Way.

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