Mar/Apr 2007 Way Magazine


Jesus Christ evidenced the magnificent power of God because he lived God’s Word and taught it to others. Those who saw and heard him often marveled as he brought God’s healing wholeness to those who believed. With this year’s focus on walking in the steps of Jesus Christ, we’re growing in our understanding of how he carried out God’s Word so that we can do the works he did.

To build a greater vision of the power God has given us, Matt Stiles teaches the Biblical significance of holy communion and points out the tremendous benefits we can claim in “Jesus Christ: Our Passover and Our Complete Savior.” Along with this article, on page 7, you’ll find a new interactive item. Enjoy looking up the suggestions “For Further Study” on your own or with your family or home fellowship to deepen your understanding of these truths even further.

In “Fellowship: The Secret to the More Abundant Life,” Meg Longley shows us from God’s Word the secret to leading a full, rich, and fruitful life with our heavenly Father. Rev. Chris Gramlich explains the vital role of God’s rich and plenteous mercy in meeting our spiritual need in “God’s Mercy unto Salvation.” Unfold the special foldout page at the center of this issue, and you’re opening the door to a storehouse of learning. In words and pictures you’ll see the exciting process of development and teamwork involved in “The Making of The Way Magazine.

Another feature, by Dorothy Horrocks, shows how “The Goodness of God” helps us live for Him and reach out to others. In Keys to Biblical Research, Rev. Roger Mittler expounds on an important principle that helps us rightly divide the Word of Truth—“Biblical Truths We Must Adhere To: Difficult Verse Must Be Understood in Light of the Clear Verses.”

The Prevailing Word Report gives inspiring updates on two groups of believers who are following in the steps of Jesus Christ—the in-residence Way Corps and the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XIII.

Enjoy claiming and sharing the tremendous benefits of God’s love and power as you read the words on these pages and go about walking in the steps of Jesus Christ.

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