Mar/Apr 2008 Way Magazine


Having the gift of holy spirit and knowing how to operate that gift is the foundation of our power for abundant living. As we claim God’s promises and manifest the gift of holy spirit in our daily living, we will receive many benefits—like the ones highlighted in this issue.

God’s gift includes the power and right to manifest physical wholeness. In “Seeing Our Healing,” Linda Coulter presents three avenues that lead to the physical wholeness promised by God in His Word. On page 11, “For Further Study” suggests specific areas for deepening our understanding of these tremendous avenues God has given.

Rev. Gary Livedalen shows the filled-to-the-brim completeness we can claim to overcome life’s obstacles, because “We Are What the Word Says We Are.” Using a True or False quiz format, Robin Magnelli shows that we can “Live unto Righteousness” when we know and claim this vital sonship right. Mark Wallace focuses on Cornelius and Peter, two dynamic believers in the Book of Acts who demonstrate “Believing—The Title Deed.” As their lives illustrate, when we pray to God and take action to claim His promises, we will absolutely receive.

In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess teaches about “The Hem of His Garment” in Matthew 9:20, giving us a clearer picture of the significance of fringes and borders found on Eastern clothing. The Prevailing Word Report provides informative updates on several exciting aspects of our ministry: the in-residence Way Corps training, the Camp Gunnison getaways that believers enjoyed in January and February, the Disciples of the Way Outreach Program, and the upcoming Advanced Class Specials for 2008–2009.

Let’s continue to claim God’s promises and manifest His power in our daily living—and let’s show others that our power for abundant living can be theirs too!

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