Mar/Apr 2018 Way Magazine


God did not intend for life just to be lived—but to be enjoyed! Those who follow His plan for life—His Word—find that they are living a life of abundance and power. That sounds like an exciting, adventurous life! The articles in this issue will help us elevate our Biblical and spiritual perspective to greater heights so that we can live fulfilling lives according to God’s wonderful plan.

Chris Brown refreshes us on God’s promises that relate to “Claiming God’s Will for Our Healing Wholeness”; we want to know, remember, and believe what His will is regarding our physical health. In “Philippians 4:8—Think on These Things,” Marcia Lombardi focuses on qualities we can think on in order to have the best thought life. Donna Martindale shows how we can be “Fully Persuaded” of the promises of God by becoming convinced of the reliability of the Promiser and by applying practical keys that strengthen our fully persuaded mind-set.

On pages 16 and 17, you’ll find the yearly theme scripture spread. Enjoy filling your heart with these powerful verses that focus on The Word of God Is the Will of God. In Witnesses in Our Occupations, Gary Rotunda teaches how born-again believers who are visual artists can excel at “Bringing Glory to God in the Visual Arts”; their workmanship and godly integrity will open doors to speak His Word.

The Prevailing Word Report gives updates on Countrywide 75th Anniversary Days in the Word in International Outreach countries as well as 75 Years and Onward Days in the Word in The Way of the U.S.A. Regions. Other insightful reports spotlight the successes of the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXIV and the in-depth training of the in-residence Way Corps.

Enjoy the many blessings in store for you in this issue. God’s rich benefits will abound as we grow in our understanding of His Word, act on it, and hold it forth to others!

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