Mar/Apr 2023 Way Magazine


One of the greatest choices made was “Jesus Christ’s Freewill Choice to Redeem Mankind.” In this article, Rev. Chris Gramlich shows how Christ freely chose to give his life for others as a perfect sacrifice. He made daily freewill decisions, choosing to always do the will of the Father. This culminated with the critical freewill choice to die on the cross and be the supreme sacrifice to redeem mankind.

“Fellowships Growing Together in the Word” by Courtney Barlow shows us that as we grow in the Word, we grow together. We see this from the lives of Paul and Timothy and in an interview with an experienced home fellowship coordinator, today. Courtney concludes with a list of how-to ideas from disciples around the country.

Trying to train toddlers? In the first of three articles on training children, Janelle McInnis focuses on listening. Her article “Listen, Remember, Obey: Training Toddlers to Listen” expounds on the importance God places on listening through the biblical example of Moses, who from a young boy to an adult was a life-long listener to God. Janelle then teaches practical ways to train toddlers to listen well.

Be sure not to miss our Department and Series articles.

  • In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Lindsey Padilla explores dance in bible times in her article “Dancing in Praise to God.”
  • Daniel Horrocks expounds on the story of “Isaac and Rebekah” in the Old Testament History series.
  • What does the Word Say? Find out more about how believers today enjoy all the spiritual benefits and legal rights that Jesus Christ acquired for us by this dynamic article, “Acceptable year of the Lord.” 
  • Let us learn more about “Stewarding Our Minds” in this second part of the three-part mini-series by Rev. Bryan Mittler.

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