May/Jun 2005 Way Magazine


As the quality of our Biblical understanding continues to grow and blossom in our lives, we produce more and more spiritual fruit, which is a glory to God. In his article, Rev. John Rupp shows how each day we can “Rise and Shine for God!” as we build the shining quality of the Word in our lives and reach out in fruitful service to others in our communities. In “Advancing on the Paths of the Lord,” Rev. Joe Perry points out clear, well-established ways of righteous living that God marked out in His Word so that we can advance confidently to attain our spiritual goals in life.

Joanne George expounds on the parable of the forgiving father in Luke 15, providing a beautiful illustration of the loving nature of “Our Forgiving Father.” In her article, Debra Berger shows that the fruit of a rich, vital, and intimate fellowship with God is “Fullness of Joy” and pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11). We build this fellowship with God as we learn Who He is from His Word and walk in His ways.

In Keys to Biblical Research, Rev. Bill Coyle expounds upon the second way the Scripture interprets itself in the verse—“A Word or Words Must Be Interpreted according to Biblical Usage.” The Prevailing Word Report spotlights the joyous recognition fellowships held in honor of the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XI for their fruitful service since their commissioning at our ministry’s anniversary celebration last October. “The Foundation of Parenting: God’s Word” gives practical insight on how a godly home can be built and established.

Let’s keep growing and flourishing in our cultivation of spiritual fruit, giving God the glory as we live and speak the truth abundantly!

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