May/Jun 2008 Way Magazine


As we manifest the power inherent in the gift of holy spirit, we develop a life-style of overflowing abundance, power, and dynamic service. A life-style of sustained and faithful fellowship with God brings profit to our lives and to the lives of those we minister to. This issue is filled with many how-tos of manifesting God’s power and reaping the benefits—both now and throughout eternity.

Sustained fellowship with our heavenly Father is “The Secret to Successful Christian Living,” as Paula Wren shares in her article. Rev. Eric Koetteritz shows how to utilize “Your Power of Attorney” in exercising the spiritual power and resources available in the name of Jesus Christ.

Peggy Platig illustrates how our lives can be “Filled to Overflowing,” and Mary Spevak shows God’s will for us to have “Fruit-of-the-Spirit-Filled Lives.” As we live God’s Word and boldly operate the gift of holy spirit, we overflow with God’s blessings and benefits. We exhibit quality Christian fruit-bearing lives.

This issue contains our yearly theme scripture page. Enjoy building your understanding and application of your power for abundant living as you study these and other related scriptures. Another way to build your Biblical understanding of our yearly theme is to dig deeper into the feature articles to complete the fun interactive puzzles and games on pages 13–16.

The Prevailing Word Report recognizes two great spiritual achievements in our ministry: the successful six-month tenure of the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XIV, and the recording of the new intermediate class on The Way of Abundance and Power. Also, straight from their heart, believers share about the impact of the camps and getaways they’ve enjoyed at our high country Christian camp this ministry year.

As you go forth manifesting God’s power in your life, others are sure to notice. Using The Way Magazine in your witnessing and undershepherding is a great way to help others receive the benefits they see abounding in your life!

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