May/Jun 2010 Way Magazine


One part of making God our sufficiency,” shared Rev. Rosalie F. Rivenbark, “is to let God by His Word be our guide for prayer and believing action instead of the promotions of the world.” These words spoken by our President at the sixty-seventh anniversary of The Way International aptly describe what this issue is all about. In the world, storms may rage and pressures abound; but in the Word, peace rules, prayer works, and hope helps lighten our load.

Jennifer Chelar guides us with God’s Word into “Quiet Seas: How to Manifest God’s Peace.” Debra Olthouse gives us God’s solutions for doubt, worry, and fear in “One Day at a Time: Be Anxious for Nothing.” We also have “Hope: A Reason for Rejoicing,” which, Jill Edwards explains, can practically benefit born-again believers on a daily basis.

There is no age limit for enjoying the Children’s Activities found in our four-page center spread—the pictures, puzzle, and maze are fun ways to reinforce the truths presented in the articles. In this issue, we also introduce a new department with an exciting area of study, Titles of God in the Bible. The more we know about our God, the deeper and richer our fellowship with Him can be.

In The Prevailing Word Report, you can read about the Country Coordinator Seminar that was conducted for seventeen French-speaking leaders from Africa. After celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Victor Paul Wierwille Prevailing Word Auditorium in March, these wonderful men and women were hosted at Headquarters for leadership training. Then in April, the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XVI were honored for completing their six-month tenure of service.

The Way Magazine is filled with quotable quotes and one-liners of truth that can uplift a person and carry them through a storm in life. Why not find a quote and send it in a bless note to someone you know? A caring word from your heart and God’s heart can make all the difference!

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