May/Jun 2013 Way Magazine


What a joy it is to have an accurate knowledge of God and His Word! The Word teaches us how to live sanctified and maintain spiritual unity in the household of God so that together we can be mighty for Him day by day. And we have the privilege of showing others by our walk and by our words how they too can be mighty for God.

Rev. Miċeál Adams teaches how walking in love and forgiving one another contribute to “Maintaining Spiritual Unity in Our Fellowships.” In her article, Santina Ham demonstrates, with the example of Abigail in I Samuel 25, how keeping our hearts and minds steadfast on God’s Word enables us to be “In the World, but Not Of the World.”

The young and the young at heart can enjoy the fun and interactive reminders of the truths in this issue on the Children’s Activities pages. In Titles of God in the Bible, Rev. Ed Oeding looks at the qualities of a shepherd: we see how God communicates His guidance, protection, and care for His people via the title “Jehovah-roi—The Lord Our Shepherd.” And What Does the Word Say? answers the question of whether or not everybody has a “spark of the divine.”

The Prevailing Word Report on two recent events in our ministry shows God’s Word on the move! One report highlights the nationwide field conferences that took place in October 2012 and March 2013, and the blessings that ensued. The second report spotlights recognition fellowships held in April in honor of Way Disciple Outreach Group XIX. By speaking the truth with believing, boldness, and love, they made a tremendous spiritual impact during their six-month commitment. You’ll enjoy reading about these Word-centered events helping believers to be mighty for God.

As you read through The Way Magazine, perhaps the truths presented in one of the articles will bring to mind a family member, a friend, or a co-worker who would enjoy hearing a specific truth you discovered in this issue. You could write a bless note to that individual and share your learning. Or you could give them their own copy of The Way Magazine so they can read and learn for themselves!

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