Nov/Dec 2009 Way Magazine


Our heavenly Father has given us all things necessary for an abundant life, and He encourages us to look to Him as our Source of supply (II Corinthians 3:5). This issue paints a picture of the quality of life that is available to us as we faithfully learn and do God’s Word.

Rev. Joe Perry shows us that God has set us up for success in reconciling others to God and that as ambassadors for Christ “We Can Do the Job!” Rev. Steve Crommett illustrates from the brilliant example of Joseph in the Book of Genesis that “The Faithful Cannot Fail.” God faithfully performs His Word when we believe it. In her article, “The Love of God—Decide and Do,” Sue Shelton shows how we can make a positive impact on others by deliberately deciding to manifest God’s love. Young people of all ages can have fun applying the learning from the feature articles when they dig into the activities on pages 15-18.

On March 20 and 21, 2010, believers from around the world will gather at The Way International Headquarters to celebrate the silver anniversary of our beautiful teaching and performing arts center, the Victor Paul Wierwille Prevailing Word Auditorium. Enjoy reading about the history and heart of this unique center for outreach, beginning on page 20. In Manners and Customs of the Bible, Bernita Jess explains various uses of cisterns in Bible times as well as figurative references to cisterns in the Scriptures.

The sixty-seventh anniversary celebration and the commissioning of Way Disciple Outreach Group XVI was a joyous time at The Way International Headquarters and in New Zealand. The Prevailing Word Report provides highlights and photographs of the festivities. Also included for your blessing and prayerful support is a map of the Regions in The Way of the U.S.A. with photographs of this year’s Region coordinators and their wives.

The Way Magazine is very profitable to read and apply for your personal learning and growth, but you can grow even more as you share your learning with others. Here’s one way to do it: select a feature article and lead a discussion about it in your home fellowship. How exciting it is for us to release the Word of God we are learning and bless others at the same time!

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