Nov/Dec 2022 Way Magazine


80th Anniversary of The Way  — Living Victoriously Today!

Are you looking for more power in your life? Would you like the power necessary to have victory in your work, family, and community? Don’t wait any longer to get your answer of peace. Read Melissa Blosser’s article The Power of Your Renewed Mind appearing in this issue of The Way Magazine. In it, she outlines the fundamental principle to open the door to a power-filled life. If you want an easy way to share this powerful principle with your loved ones, you can share Amber Kish Wierwille’s poem, The Renewed Mind.

Have you ever been curious about popular holidays and where they originate? Ever wonder why they are so prevalent in culture? The prospect of being with family and exchanging gifts brings happiness to our lives. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. These special times with our loved ones are unquestionably significant. Understanding these holidays with an accurate knowledge of God’s Word is also beneficial. In the article The Historical Roots of the Modern Day Christmas Celebration, Jerry Jacks shows how we can approach the holiday season with a Biblical mind-set. This article may even spark some memorable conversations around the dinner table this winter!

One of this issue’s premier articles is The Way Corps: Making God’s Business Their Business. As you read you will peer through the eyes of some of the bridge builders of The Way as they share about their training, the doors that have opened to them, and what fuels their conviction to serve for a lifetime. The inspiring vision instilled in this article is fueled by ministers with a sold-out commitment to God and the movement of God’s Word over the world. 

Are you a Biblical student? Then crack this magazine open and take a look at some of the following series:

  • Manners and Customs of the Bible: Hidden Treasure in the Bible Lands, by Kelly Jo Martin
  • Old Testament History Series: The Book of Job, by Michael De Quattro
  • What Does the Word Say?: The Ministry of Jesus Christ-Part 1
  • Workmen of the Word Series: Jesus Christ the Son of God

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