November/December 2023 Way Magazine


This issue begins with a highlight of Vern Edwards’ teaching at the 81st Anniversary, as well as details from the weekend celebration. 

God ordained that we reign in life as His sons. Linda Coulter shows in “How to Reign in Life” that we can reign as we walk out on His Word and carry out His work. She then shows examples of believers reigning in life as they do God’s work. 

We can control our thinking to reflect God’s thoughts about ourselves. Randy Komi explores II Corinthians 10:5 phrase by phrase in “Casting Down Imaginations and Embracing God’s Truth.” Randy shows we can do this by matching our thinking to who we are in Christ. 

The short business profile “Far-Reaching Professional Success” by Jim Ellis presents Biblical and spiritual principles he applies in business. Jim demonstrates that in any professional role we may have, there is a profound opportunity to move the positive godly truths about life into our cultures. 

This issue also includes these enlightening series articles: 

  • Manners and Customs of the Bible – “The Mill” by Michael Moore teaches about mills and what they meant to people in Bible times. An understanding of the mill’s characteristics and purpose provides greater insight into certain scriptures. 
  • “Stones Cry Out” by Bryan Mittler acts as a companion to the Manners and Customs of the Bible article on mills. In it we learn how God uses references to rocks and stones to communicate His heart in His Word. 
  • Old Testament History – Kier Padilla presents God’s faithfulness in “Jacob and His Sons: The Journey to Egypt.” This account reminds us of God’s limitless provision for the faithful. Rick Felty then presents “The Land of Bondage.” This article describes the beginning of God’s deliverance of the children of Israel after being in bondage in Egypt. It reminds us that God faithfully keeps His promises to His people. 
  • Leadership Profile Series – The third of our leadership profiles! In this issue we feature Rev. Bill Greene. This series gives us a closer, personal look at those who have chosen to commit themselves in service to God’s people in The Way.

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