Sep/Oct 2015 Way Magazine


Do you want to manifest even more of God’s power in your life? The key to manifesting God’s power is the renewed mind, and in this issue we’ll begin a series on four steps in the renewed-mind process that will help us walk with His power.

Rev. John Linder presents the first step in “Study the Word of God.” We learn what it means to study the Word from a Biblical perspective, along with five practical keys to help us study and apply it more consistently and effectively. Rev. David Chavoustie teaches in the second step, “Recognize Our Position in Christ as Sons of God,” that as sons of God we have rights and privileges to claim and enjoy. Then he gives us actions we can take to accomplish this second step of the renewed mind. The “For Further Study” activity for these two articles can help you deepen your understanding of the renewed-mind process even further.

In Titles of God in the Bible, Renita Sage teaches that our heavenly Father is “The God of All Comfort.” We see ways that God extends His true comfort to us when we need it in our own lives, and when we need it for others. Manners and Customs of the Bible gives us a look at customs involved in almsgiving and helps us see the proper heart and attitude in giving, which Jesus taught to his disciples. The Witnesses in Our Occupations article outlines four of “Nehemiah’s Project Management Principles” that we too can operate. By applying Biblical principles in our work, our lives and our great works stand out as witnesses and bring glory to God.

The Prevailing Word Report inspires us with highlights of ministry events where God’s believing people saw His Word prevail in mighty ways: the Pacific Region Meeting, The Way of Canada Country-wide Meeting, the 2015 Advanced Class, and The Way Corps class of 2015 graduation.

As you read through this issue, consider how you can apply its truths in your interactions with family, friends, co-workers, and others each day. You’ll enjoy seeing God’s blessings abound!

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