Sept/Oct 2022 Way Magazine


Shining as Lights at Advanced Class 2022

Here are a few of the uplifting articles included in this issue of The Way Magazine:

“How to Fulfill Our First Priority to God”

by Miċeál Adams

Miċeál focuses on our first priority in life: worshipping our heavenly Father. By worshipping Him in spirit and in truth we are built up spiritually and put ourselves in the best position to carry out the great things God has called us to do.

“Building Godly Habits”

by Marian Abbate

Marian shows some godly habits we can build in our lives to help us stand faithfully on God’s Word. Then, she shares three helpful aspects of a habit: The power of a habit, a foundation on which to build habits, and keys to building faithful habits.

“Rest in the Lord”

by Joyce Stonecypher

Joyce shows how we can find rest in the Lord while in the heat of the competition. We can find rest as we look to, trust in, and rely on God and His matchless Word.


by Rodney Grilliot

Rodney takes us back to the reformer Ulrich Zwingli and tells of his valiant stand on the truth of God’s Word. His contribution to the reformation movement in Switzerland had a reverberating effect on the overall Reformation. We too can be valiant for the truth like Zwingli. Also included is a short sidebar commemorating the 500th anniversary of Luther’s New Testament, published in 1522.

“Noah, the Flood, and the Tower of Babel”

by David Watson

Nothing in the world could stop God’s promise of the coming redeemer. David considers the record of the flood and the Tower of Babel to see how believers’ free will choices allowed God’s promise of the Messiah to be fulfilled.

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